The former small hotel business Bergfink built by wealthy Bolzano merchants around the turn of the century was demolished and a new jewel was created in its place. As the name suggests, it is a gem in the landscape, inspired by the architectural typology in timelessly, elegant Art Nouveau.

With the feeling of an era in which, - not at all pompous - the architecture of the city in a simplified form and without giving up completely on luxury and comfort on the Ritten transposed - generous, classic, simple, but not sober.

It was essential for noa* to incorporate locally prevalent elements, such as the arches in the façade, or the hipped roof, which looks back to a long tradition in the village of Oberbozen.

Spaces are defined with room-in-room shells, where the wall, floor, and ceiling are furnished with the same material. The appealing and inviting atmosphere is also achieved through the use of wood, which never appears rustic but noble, homogenously plain, without being cold.

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