The project is located in one of theTehran’s southern neighborhoods named Hamam-Chaal, The Steel Form Showroom does not have a different formal approach than its context.
The Steel Form project is kind to the context and can be seen as a part of it. The continuous walls are extended through the alley and houses with more than a hundred years old are behind them. The passage surrounding spaces will be used for the purposes of sales, exhibiting products, storage, and services. In a random plan, there are sitting and talking places for the salesperson and the customers. From the stands nearby the walls to the shade of the willow tree, the interaction spaces are visible for the people in front of the store.
Same as the traditional bazaars of Iran which have large stores beside the small ones and the vendors, in this project there are rooms with different sizes and custom-designed stands for displaying the products. That is because there are a variety of steel products with very different specifics from size and shape to weight to display.

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