The Lewis Arts Complex within Princeton University designed by Steven Holl Architects gives a new breath to the campus.

The complex which blends Dance, Theater, Music Theater, and the Princeton Atelier, creates a meeting point. The building comprises the Wallace Dance Building and Theater; the Arts Tower, which includes the Hurley Gallery, administrative offices and additional studios; and the New Music Building.

The three buildings are integrated below ground in a Forum, an 750 square meter open indoor gathering space that serves the various arts venues in the complex. Encouraging curiosity and interaction, the new arts plaza has overlook views into the dance and theater practice spaces and the orchestral rehearsal space.

The Arts Tower is developed with an “embedded” concept, its stone tower connecting to the proportions of Princeton’s historic Blair Arch. The New Music Building is developed according to an idea of “suspension.” Above the large orchestral rehearsal room individual practice rooms are suspended on steel rods.

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